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Protect Your Home Against Hurricane with These Retrofit Products

Hurricanes cannot be avoided. Hurricane damage can be. When experts inspect homes that had been damaged by hurricanes, they usually discover that four areas cause problems (the garage doors, doors, windows, and roof). Weak spots or failure in any of these areas can result to serious damage. On the other hand, there are some products that you can add to enhance their safety and keep your home tougher and more protected through a hurricane.

Braces protect garage doors, the largest opening in the home which is typically also the weakest. Hurricane garage door braces are fabricated from lightweight aluminum and can be fitted by the homeowner themselves or some professional.

Hurricane Panels offer protection for your doors as well windows. They are normally installed when there is an approaching hurricane and removed when it is over. A steel hurricane panel is heaviest as well can be challenging to handle.

The aluminum hurricane panel version is lighter although it is more expensive. Polycarbonate clear multi-layer panels are transparent and easier to handle.

Hurricane shutters are likewise designed for window and door protection. These are normally manufactured from steel or aluminum and you can choose to attach them permanently or else removable. They are affixed, or closed, during a looming hurricane and opened, or detached, after. The advantage is that they are strong, although they are among the options that are heavier and higher-priced solutions.

Hurricane foam is designed to protect the roof. It is foam adhesive specially-made from polyurethane. Hurricane foam is smeared in your attic to the roof’s underside. When correctly applied, it is going to seal any opening among the outer layer connections and fortify the roof’s strength by as much as 5 times. If the roof covering breaks down, water penetration might be reduced to a great extent.

Protective fabric particularly shields doors as well windows. Such fabrics are high-strength and lightweight. These fabrics can come in UV-resistant resin coating or PVC coating. They can resist water, wind, and flying fragments. Some brands have been rated to withstand wind beyond Category 5 as well above 1,200 lbs. of burst strength. Their being lightweight as well easy installation is their main advantage. Storing is not going to be a problem since most of them fold up into some small size.

Hurricane window films can be fitted to the interior of the windows. They tolerate shattering of the glass but the film keeps will not dislodge the window up to when the hurricane is over. Window films are less inexpensive and more affordable when compared to several other shutters and hurricane panels. It is installed only once and it does not require any additional action when a storm approaches. The films are see-through and they offer invisible protection.

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