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Learn Some Facts about Lawn Edgers A lawn which is nicely trimmed or edged is always a great sight especially for a person who mows the laws himself or herself. Be aware that mowing is not enough to make your lawn look special, meaning, aside from mowing, you have to edge or trim it in order to achieve the beauty of your lawn. And so, to make your lawn beautiful after mowing, the tool that you need is the lawn edger or trimmer to finish the look. There are several things that you have to look for in a lawn edger/trimmer. First is to look for an edger/trimmer that with just 1 or 2 pulls of its cord will start immediately.
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Another feature to look out for in a lawn edger/trimmer is if it is a gas powered push type since this kind will give you speed, convenience and quality of cut that other edgers like pole and electric cannot provide.
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Another feature that you should look for in your lawn edger/trimmer is if it has enough torque and horsepower to perform the job. Usually an edger/trimmer that is considered as with sufficient power is if it has 4.75 torque and 3.5 horsepower. Another important feature for safety that you have to make sure your lawn edger/trimmer has is the blade disengagement capability. With this capability, you are protecting the user when using the edger since this will allow you to disengage the edger’s cutter blade from turning. A good edger/trimmer should be able to maintain balance when used on curbs and uneven grounds, and this is one of the features that you should look for. Be informed that an edger with four wheels usually gives you better balance than an edger with just three wheels. Make sure that the edger/trimmer that you will purchase will give you a neat, sharp, clean-looking grass cut along your flowerbeds, sidewalks, driveways, etc. Look for an edger/trimmer that allows you to conveniently and quickly replace the edger blade when it is worn down and has to be replaced. Your edger/trimmer should provide protection to the user and this means components like edger blade guard, rear edger blade debris deflector, and so on. Bear in mind when you buy your edger/trimmer that it should allow you to switch it from one job back to the other job with less effort. Since an edger/trimmer is available in the market as gas powered and electric, it is suggested that you buy according to your own requirements or needs. Since the two types of edger/trimmer have their differences, disadvantages and advantages, your choice will be based on what you need. The difference between an electric edger and gas powered edger is on their models, like two models for electric edger such as battery operated and the AC powered, while the gas powered comes as four-cycled engine and two-cycle engine.